We hope to see you soon and show you our dazzling toddler room that is filled with exciting toys for your child to play with along with their own private outdoor play deck. Our open door policy for tours is 9:30-11:30 & 3:30-5:30. All other time require an appointment. Tuition for this classroom is $270 a week.

Achievement goals for graduating this age group:

  • Kick a ball, throw a ball
  • Climb stairs holding on
  • Recognize common items & colors
  • Recognize body parts
  • Stack blocks
  • Participate in songs and fingerplays
  • Participate in art projects
  • Recognize animals and say their sound

Kitties Overview

Our Kitties preschool program is for 12 to 24 Months

Welcome to our exciting and busy kitties room. These children are all over the place exploring what’s left, right, up, or down. Our child care educators plan daily activities to help the children transition from “babies” to toddlers. The Kitties will begin to follow a daily schedule and routine. This helps a child understand what comes next and helps them learn what our expectations are. Daily, they have fine motor, gross motor, language, and outside play. Throughout the week we mix in small and large group activities of music, art, and science. We do annual assessments at their birthdate. We want to ensure that your child is meeting all the developmental milestones for their age.

The Kitties will have a breakfast (8:15), lunch (11:00), and snack (2:30 & 5:30) provided by us. The tuition includes food, drink (sippy cups), art supplies, and a mat. Parents must provide labeled change of clothes, diapers, wipes, crib sheet, blanket, and a water bottle. You can bring diaper rash cream and bug spray with a completed medical release form. We will transition the children from sippy cup to a regular cup. No bottles or pacifiers are allowed in this room. All children must wear closed toe shoes and be here by 9:00.

Class Educators

With education and experience in early childhood care

Miss Clara

Lead teacher
Hired 2014

Miss Daniela

Asst. teacher
Hired January 2022

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